Special Events

Renewal of vows

People and relationships change with the passage of time.

Renewing vows is a re-awakening of the moment of those first vows and a way of making a new commitment to the future. It affirms the significance of your relationship.

Allow me to work with you in creating a ceremony that reflects your individuality and your dreams.

Commitment Ceremonies

You may not be in a position to avail yourself of a legally binding wedding ceremony or you may choose not to have such a ceremony. You may wish however, to publicly acknowledge the love and commitment you feel within the relationship.

Together we can create a ceremony that is meaningful, reflects who you are, your love for each other and your aspirations for the future.

Life’s transitions

Marking an important transition in your life is a healthy way of acknowledging change.  As well as being meaningful for the individual, ceremonies are the glue that holds society together. Why not indulge yourself with a custom made ceremony to herald the changes in your life.

Sue Middlewood


Civil Marriage

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